Sustainable success: HotelPartner and the Hotel Victory Therme Erding

Jens Bernitzky will step-down from his position as “captain” of the Hotel Victory Therme Erding at the end of the summer season and take up a new challenge in the Austrian alpine hotel industry. We would like to use this occasion to take a look back at almost four years of successful partnership, in which great results have been achieved together. Find out more in this success story!

How did the partnership come about and what strategies are being used?

General Manager Jens Bernitzky about the collaboration between HotelPartner and the Hotel Victory Therme Erding

In the immediate vicinity of Therme Erding, the Hotel Victory Therme Erding opened in 2014 and has 134 rooms in six categories, with an additional 94 rooms in the Victory Guest House. The hotel also includes six meeting rooms, two restaurants and a hotel bar.

In 2019, hotel director Jens decided for a partnership with HotelPartner to take the hotel’s revenue management to the next level. When selecting a partner, it was important to Mr. that it was not just a purely algorithm based system that he was investing in. For him, the revenue manager plays a major role, for example, in reacting appropriately to unprecedented events where artificial intelligence or the revenue management tool reach their limits.

Since HotelPartner offers the ideal TET synergy for Jens, consisting of qualified teams, proven expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, the basis for a successful partnership was quickly established. 

In cooperation with HotelPartner, a variety of factors are now taken into account when it comes to room pricing: With dynamic pricing, important factors such as the season, holidays or special events influence are taken into account. Additionally, the length of stay and the booking lead time are included in the pricing. A great deal of attention is also paid to optimizing distribution; for example, direct bookers receive better room rates in order to generate more direct business and to reduce commissions for OTA bookings.

Also included in the holistic revenue management and distribution strategy are special rates. For instance, hotel guests receive price advantages when they make bookings without the option to cancel or decide to skip the cleaning of their room for a couple of days.

A seven-figure increase in revenue within a very short time: The result of professional revenue management.

At the beginning of 2020, only a few months after the start of the partnership with HotelPartner , the Hotel Victory Therme Erding could already record great successes

The Hotel Victory quickly realized that a holistic strategy where everything works hand in hand brings long term success. The right revenue management strategies, combined with operational adjustments, made it possible that the investment in a strong partnership has been paid back within a very short time. Now after several years of collaboration, more and more achievements can be celebrated, and sustainable success could be maintained even in times of the Pandemic.

„During the Pandemic, there was close contact with HotelPartner throughout in order to exchange information about developments in the hotel industry and to use the situation to think about strategies for the “post-pandemic period”, which paid off in the form of further increases in rates and occupancy. For example, we were able to increase the annual occupancy rate by another two percentage points.“

Jens Bernitzky, General Manager

We are delighted to have a sparing-partner at eye level with the team of the Hotel Victory Therme Erding. Here’s to continued successful cooperation and many thanks to the entire team at Hotel Victory for the trust they have placed in us. From captain to mountaineer: We also wish Jens only the best for his future adventures and are already looking forward to our paths crossing again!

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Hotel Victory Therme Erding
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