HotelPartner Prioritizes Employee Development for Continued Success

The leading provider of Revenue Management services is committed to the continuous development of its employees: New roles, increased responsibilities, and successful expansion.

The Swiss company, with locations in Austria, Germany, and the United Kingdom, aims to inspire individuals to pursue careers in the hotel industry, especially young talents. For HotelPartner, this includes the targeted promotion of emerging leaders: “As an established provider of Revenue Management and distribution services in the hotel industry, we are dedicated to the sustainable optimization of profitability for hotels and similar accommodation establishments, guiding them towards a more successful and secure future.

We achieve this with the unique TET synergy, consisting of qualified teams (T), proven expertise (E), and the use of state-of-the-art technology (T). Our success is determined by these three components. Therefore, we are always committed to sustainable employee management, which is an integral part of our company culture. We create opportunities for young leaders to take on responsibilities,” says Rainer M. Willa, CEO at HotelPartner.

Florian Augustin, Member of the Management Board, adds: “Alexander has been an integral part of HotelPartner since 2017. His dedication, his expertise, but especially his passion for the industry, impressed me from the very beginning. I have had the opportunity to observe his development over the last five years—hence, there was only one logical step: His promotion to Chief Marketing Manager. I am therefore delighted to continue to support him in his new challenge with advice and action.”

Alexander Fussi successfully completed his business studies with a focus on Tourism & Hospitality in Vienna in 2013 and initially started his career at Hilton Hotels. In his new role as Chief Marketing Manager, he will lead HotelPartner’s marketing team and drive the company’s strategic direction in this area.

His colleague, Luca D‘Achille, completed his hotel management training in the Netherlands in 2018 and, after a trainee program at the Hotel La Réserve in Belgium, transitioned into the field of Revenue Management as a Revenue Analyst. In 2020, he joined HotelPartner as a Portfolio Manager and impressed from day one with his enthusiasm. Lars Meier, Chief Operating Officer at HotelPartner, has been accompanying this exceptional talent for the past three years: “Luca impressed us with his extensive Revenue Management knowledge, his high willingness to learn, and his motivation. He is the ideal choice to serve as Chief Portfolio Manager, overseeing, among other things, our current expansion in the UK and the Benelux countries. Additionally, he now leads his own team and has taken on the responsibility for partner relationship management.”

Employee development is part of HotelPartner’s growth strategy, aiming to further establish the company as a leading provider of Revenue Management services for the hotel industry in Europe.

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