Amadeus Hotels focuses on authenticity and individuality as success factors

The Privately managed group strategically strengthens its competitiveness due to the small size of the hotels. They receive support from HotelPartner Revenue Management.

Smaller private hotels face a daily marketing challenge. Director Margot Weindorfer used the perceived weaknesses to successfully position herself in the fiercely competitive city hotel market. The hotelier sees her uniqueness and the fact that they exclusively operate boutique hotels as her special strengths. Several years ago, she brought an external partner on board: “Smaller establishments with fewer staff find it challenging to keep up with the rapid technological advancements. Recognizing this, one must draw the appropriate conclusions, including seeking support from experienced industry insiders or experts. We particularly value HotelPartner’s expertise in Revenue Management. This enables smaller hotel groups or individual hotels to access knowledge beyond the experience of one or a few properties.”

“One might assume that for a company like Amadeus Hotels, which has been distinguished in Revenue Management for many years, outsourcing is not an option. However, this is not the case. A central point for our mutual success is developing strategies tailored to the hotel and considering the unique features of a property. The excellent position of Amadeus Hotels allows us to work together on the intricacies of Revenue Management, maintaining the high level and securing revenues for the future,” adds Lukas Petzi, Senior Portfolio Manager at HotelPartner Revenue Management.

Even before collaborating with the service provider, who, with its TET synergy – comprised of qualified teams (T), proven expertise (E), and the use of cutting-edge technology (T) – supports around 500 hoteliers from the DACH region, Amadeus Hotels was well-positioned. The hotel group has always focused on finding its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in what distinguishes each individual property: whether it’s an elegant 50s style or a listed building – each hotel honours its unique history to offer the guest a truly special experience they will always remember. The success validates the company’s approach: Margot Weindorfer is convinced that brand-building based on authenticity and individuality is a crucial key to the target audience of each hotel. In the collaboration with Amadeus Hotels, it is evident that HotelPartner’s Revenue Management is also highly compatible with smaller operational sizes, emphasizes Director Margot Weindorfer.

The experience of having booking systems and pricing strategies constantly reviewed by experts significantly lightens the load for the hotel group, notes Margot Weindorfer: “The success of the collaboration has since been reflected in higher rates with less effort for our team.”

Another added value of the partnership with HotelPartner Revenue Management – which began in 2016 – is the support provided by the Swiss service provider’s Revenue Management experts, who can particularly appreciate the openness in the partnership. This is also appreciated by Dusica Milenovic, Reservation Manager at Amadeus Hotels: “The collaboration with HotelPartner works exceptionally well, and personally, the valuable exchange is especially important to me. In addition to the professional competence and expertise, it is precisely this mutual appreciation that makes the partnership so successful.”

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Alexander Fussi

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Wolf Thomas Karl

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