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As hospitality revenue management and distribution experts, HotelPartner helps hoteliers overcome challenges, outperform the market, competitors, and plan for the future.

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Trusted by 500+ Hoteliers

“We trust HotelPartner because we achieved over 14% RevPAR growth and increased our direct website bookings by more than 40% within a year of partnership.”

Jane Patterson | St Brelades Bay Hotel
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Trusted By 500+ Hoteliers, including…

Three Simple Steps To Increase Your Rooms Revenue

From planning, through implementation and beyond, we make it easy. 


Start The Conversation

Request a consultation today. We will analyse your pain points, current situation, and goals to define the appropriate service model to optimise the success of your hotel.


Together We Plan Your Strategy

We will create an individual revenue management and distribution strategy for your hotel, designed to outpace your competition and secure your competitive advantage.


Partner With Us

We take care of all set-up and implementation processes to ease your burden, then join you in a long-term partnership geared towards future proofing your business. 

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★★★★★ Trusted by 500+ Hoteliers

Your All-In-One Service Solution For Revenue Management & Distribution 

Our partnerships drive sustainable success, giving hotels the support they need for long-term growth and financial security. 

TET SynergyYour Key To Long-Term Success

TET Synergy combines Qualified Teams, Proven Expertise, and Leading Technology into one package, designed to ensure sustainable growth and a successful and secure future.

Our dedicated specialists act as an extension of your team, devising strategies to continually optimise your operations and grow your room revenue. With unmatched expertise and data-driven technology, we provide you with insights and solutions your competitors don’t have access to.

More Than Software.
More Than Consultants.

We don’t just provide software or one-off advice. Instead, we act as your hotel’s dedicated revenue management team.

With our 70+ experts, you’ll never need to worry about staff shortages or a lack of relevant knowledge amongst your team. You can rely on us to actively manage distribution, pricing, and automation strategies, ensuring flawless execution and continuous improvement.

Streamline Your Operations. Transform Your Performance.

Our teams use the HPP (HotelPartner Performance Platform) to improve your performance. 

With the cloud-based HPP, you always have a clear and easily accessible overview of your key performance indicators and ongoing (revenue and distribution) optimisations. Plus, continuous refinement by our specialised developers ensures access to the latest technologies and market advancements.

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Our experts will set out how we can make your hotel more efficient and profitable.

HotelPartner’s unique approach offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution which works seamlessly with our existing systems. Our results are showing that we have significantly boosted our performance in a competitive environment in the city.

Stephen Gow General Manager “The Chester Hotel”

Secure Your Smooth Transition To Fully Optimised Revenue Management

Our process is designed to make an immediate impact, and then ensure long-term success and profitability.


& Knowledge Exchange

By understanding your strengths and challenges, we can uncover the insights needed to optimally position your hotel within the market and capitalise on hidden opportunities.


& Distribution Strategy

We create a revenue management strategy tailored to unlock your full revenue potential, ensuring every aspect aligns with your product, target market and USPs.



Without disrupting daily operations or impacting guest experience, our experts assure a seamless transition to HotelPartner Performance Platform’s revenue boosting automation.



Your revenue management strategy will be executed and continuously monitored by our dedicated portfolio management specialists, working closely with your own team.



To secure your competitive advantage and seize every opportunity, we continuously optimise your revenue management strategy based on real-time data and insights.


& Support

Stay updated and informed through regular performance and strategy reviews. Our representatives are always at your disposal for any questions or requests.

100% Compatible With Your Hotel System

with a two-way interface connection ensuring seamless automation and real-time updates

Book Your Free Digital Consultation Meeting Today!

Our rapid, expert implementation saves time and helps quickly and efficiently maximise your revenue.

5 Stars Trusted by 500+ Hoteliers

We’ve Helped Hotels Worldwide Secure & Grow Profits Since 2006

Our team of more than 70 experts can help you achieve strategic security in any market situation. Watch the video to see how we do it.

Over 500 Hoteliers Trust Us
For Exceptional Revenue Management Services

With an average partnership length of 8 years, hoteliers across the world – from individual hotels to some of Europe’s best-performing chains – rely on our expertise. Here’s what they say about us: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more information? Look no further.

How exactly does your service increase our revenue?

Our revenue management experts do a deep analysis of your hotel’s data, competitors, and market trends. We look at demand patterns, pricing history, current systems, and more. Then we develop a tailored strategy for optimised pricing and better channel management that matches supply and demand to maximise revenue. 

What makes your service better than revenue management software tools?

We don’t just provide software and expect you to leverage it fully. Our experts become an extension of your team. We take over all the complexity of revenue management so your staff can focus on operations and excel in delivering hospitality. This includes assessment, strategising, advanced system implementation, continuous improvement, and dedicated support.

Do we need revenue management experience to benefit?

No prior experience is necessary. Since 2006 our experts have gained experience working in hospitality revenue management. We assess your current capabilities and build strategies and partnerships specifically around your business needs and growth potential. No complex revenue analysis is needed on your part.

How long does it take to implement your solution?

Full onboarding takes up to 10 weeks depending on the PMS provider’s integration timeslots and is subject to availability within the onboarding pipeline of HotelPartner. Our teams integrate new systems seamlessly and have perfected transition planning to minimise disruption.

Do we need to dedicate internal resources?

The beauty of our managed service model is it allows your staff to focus on perfecting the guest experience rather than taking on the ever-increasing complexities of managing hotel revenue. Our team has proven strategies, processes, and internal resources to handle all aspects of your revenue management and distribution.

What systems do you connect with?

Our custom API seamlessly connects with the most widely used hotel platforms across booking engines, CRMs, reputation management, marketing automation, distribution channels, and other stack technologies – providing a unified revenue optimisation hub no matter what existing systems you use. We ensure every solution syncs data correctly to power optimisation.

5 Stars Trusted by 500+ Hoteliers

Book Your Free Consultation Call

During our digital meeting, we will:

  • Evaluate your current situation, pain points, and goals
  • Present our service and partnership models
  • Identify the potential for a partnership together

“We we found our ideal match in the combination of state-of-the-art technology and expert implementation with HotelPartner.”

Tim Phillips | The Club Hotel & Spa

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