Open Communication as the Key to Success: All-Suite Resorts and HotelPartner

The popularity of aparthotels has significantly increased in holiday destinations in recent years. Leading the way in this sector are the All Suite Resorts, offering luxurious holiday apartments at five picturesque locations in the Alpine region. Depending on the location, the resorts feature a restaurant, an infinity pool, a spa area, and other amenities for discerning guests. In this interview, Martin Trenkwalder, a shareholder of the Alll-Suite Resorts, and Carina Mader, the Reservation Manager, along with our Chief Portfolio Manager, Melanie Saliger, and Senior Portfolio Manager, Jens Wedel, discuss the successes of the partnership. This includes the unique challenges they had to overcome at the beginning.

Mr. Trenkwalder and Ms. Mader, could you first share how All-Suite Resorts and HotelPartner came together?

Martin Trenkwalder: Before partnering with HotelPartner, we managed our pricing based on traditional seasonal models. Eventually, we wanted to transition to dynamic yield management. So, we began the search for a suitable partner. Initially, we entered into a different collaboration, but it didn’t meet our satisfaction.
Carina Mader: Exactly, during our first attempt at revenue management, our specific requirements were not adequately addressed, and the provider lacked experience in the aparthotel sector. Therefore, we researched the market again and were recommended to HotelPartner by other hoteliers in the network who had positive experiences in long-term partnerships.
Martin Trenkwalder: After meeting Florian Augustin from HotelPartner, it became clear to us fairly quickly that partnering with HotelPartner would be the right step for our future.

We appreciate recommendations from other partners! How did you all experience the start of the collaboration between HotelPartner and All-Suite Resorts?

Melanie Saliger: We prioritise transparent communication at HotelPartner and avoid making empty promises. Specifically, during the onboarding of All-Suite Resorts, there were hurdles, especially regarding the PMS integration. It was crucial for us to engage directly with the PMS provider and actively work towards a solution. Ultimately, we made the necessary adjustments together quickly. While it was initially challenging for everyone involved, the PMS also benefited from these improvements, taking a significant step forward. The onboarding, otherwise, went very positively, with close communication. We were able to achieve our first successes quickly.
Jens Wedel: Overall, the close communication and honest feedback were responsible for the successful onboarding despite the initial challenges. We constantly exchanged information about what we still needed or could improve.
Carina Mader: Through this transition, we gained valuable insights both in operational revenue management and communication. A good example is the realisation that persistence pays off: Neither HotelPartner nor we accepted the PMS provider’s statement that something was not possible. Turns out, it was indeed possible.

What has changed for you at All Suite Resorts since partnering with HotelPartner, and how do you experience this collaboration?

Carina Mader: A lot of work has been taken off my plate: I no longer have to manage rates myself; instead, I have experts handling that. When a strategy needs adjustment, I have Jens as a contact who strengthens my back in terms of revenue management and supports decision-making with his expertise. This exchange is based on close trust and mutual respect, which I appreciate greatly.
Melanie Saliger: The collaboration is particularly special for us at HotelPartner: Despite the complexity of All-Suite Resorts’ management structure, we received a high level of trust. They entrusted us with a crucial part of their business, and together we shape the path forward. This makes the collaboration extremely pleasant, something we truly value.

That sounds promising. Jens, what notable successes have you already achieved together?

Jens Wedel: Particularly gratifying for me us was not only reaching, but surpassing the budget figures for last winter. The booking situation for the upcoming winter and spring also looks extremely promising. Whenever we decide to use flash sales for periods of low demand – which will no longer be necessary in the long term – these promotions are also well-received by guests. Furthermore, we successfully increased the rates of the properties; in Ötz, for example, we achieved an average monthly increase of 19%.
Martin Trenkwalder: This significant increase in average rates compared to the previous year confirms the effectiveness of our collaboration with HotelPartner. It is remarkable how quickly we were able to reach the budget goals set. This not only underscores the efficiency of our teams but also the high quality of HotelPartner’s services. It is an encouraging sign for the years ahead of collaboration.

A very good segue – let’s take a look into the future: What are the current challenges facing the hotel industry in the Alpine region, and what measures do you aim to take in the collaboration to overcome them?

Jens Wedel: All-Suite Resorts benefit from a significant advantage regarding the shortage of personnel, one of the biggest challenges for hotels in general. Due to their apartment offerings, they are less reliant on labor-intensive structures. This allows us to focus our strategic direction more on expansion. Operationally in the partnership, our current focus is on the upcoming winter season. We pay special attention to the occupancy of the resorts during New Year’s Eve and first week of January. This crucial phase of operations is in our responsibility for the first time this year.
Carina Mader: This increasing spontaneity in the entire market is noticeably felt by us. Especially in summer, we observed how much the booking situation depends on the weather. This flexibility requires agile adaptability from us to meet the needs of our guests while optimising the occupancy of our resorts.
Martin Trenkwalder: Guests are increasingly seeking more independence in their travels. Camping and apartments, like the ones we offer, provide them with the freedom they desire. Therefore, our goal is to expand with All-Suite and open more establishments. We are glad to have HotelPartner by our side from the beginning.
Melanie Saliger: Undoubtedly, one of the next significant steps will be the projects at the investor level that All-Suite Resorts are planning and coordinating with us. It is our personal commitment to balance the interests of all parties involved to ensure satisfaction on all sides. Additionally, we aim to continue the intensive exchange. After all, the joint success is based on communication at eye level and dedicated mutual support.

We wish you much success in these significant developments and are delighted to support All-Suite Resorts in these endeavors! Thank you for the conversation, Ms. Mader, Mr. Trenkwalder, and the HotelPartner colleagues.


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