Strong positioning as a leader in the market – Kameha Grand Bonn and HotelPartner

The Kameha Grand Bonn was in search of a reliable partner in times of crisis when General Manager Andreas Graeber-Stuch opted for HotelPartner Revenue Management. With 254 rooms and suites, 3 restaurants, 2 bars and 10 meeting rooms on a total of 34,000 square metres, the hotel embodies the name “Kameha”, which means “uniqueness” in Hawaiian, in every element. Graeber-Stuch told us about the early days of the partnership and the successes that have already been achieved. Read why this partnership is so special to Luca D’Achille, Chief Portfolio Manager at HotelPartner. 

How it all began: A partnership based on expertise and empathy

Andreas Graeber-Stuch took over the management of the hotel in the middle of the Corona pandemic and was committed to the reopening of the hotel, which was closed at the time due to the crisis, so that the losses could be reduced immediately. After the end of the pandemic, the Kameha Grand Bonn experienced a promising recovery phase, but the team quickly realised that they could not rest on their laurels if they wanted to position themselves for the future. It was clear to all, that the already strong positioning of the restaurants needed to be further developed and future guest segments analysed in order to achieve optimal occupancy of the hotel, including mid week. As the hotel has a very complex structure, it was decided to bring in external experts to assist Kameha in these next steps. The task was to find a revenue management partner who could act quickly, cover this complex diversity and at the same time maintain the unique personality of the hotel. The choice fell on HotelPartner. “We were impressed by HotelPartner’s expertise, but also by the friendliness and approachability of all the HotelPartner team members we have met so far,” says Hotel Director Andreas Graeber-Stuch.  

Rapid success in the strong positioning of the hotel

The mutual sympathy was also immediately apparent during the onboarding process: an initial meeting on site in Bonn laid the foundations for successful cooperation and strengthened the personal relationship between the two partners. The success of the cooperation, which has only been in place since August 2022, became apparent very quickly. Together, the outstanding positioning of the Kameha Grand Bonn has already been strengthened and raised to an unprecedented level. The new dynamic pricing of the suites and the distribution of business across different booking channels have proved very promising. According to Hotel Director Graeber-Stuch, the development of the room type performance also confirms that the Kameha has taken the right step with HotelPartner. One of the greatest successes of the hotel’s new revenue management system is the fact that the Bonn hotel market can clearly see how the Kameha operates on certain days of the week. 

However, these successes are only possible if the collaboration is right – and this is also evident in the case of the Kameha Grand Bonn. “Since the beginning of our partnership, the hotel team at the Kameha Grand Bonn has been unwaveringly motivated to work towards our common vision, and this energy has been palpable in every step of our cooperation,” says Luca D’Achille, Portfolio Manager responsible for the Kameha Grand Bonn. And this is exactly what distinguishes this partnership from both our points of view: the ability to motivate and spur each other on, to discuss ideas together and also to implement them with a calculable risk and to work out the most successful measures. 

These qualities are the cornerstones for HotelPartner and the Kameha Grand Bonn to achieve further milestones together, for example, how to further expand the group business to bring even more stability and security, or how to further increase guest ratings. We are proud of the successful development of our partner hotel to date and look forward to continuing to support the Kameha Grand Bonn in all its revenue management goals – so that the hotel team can concentrate fully on providing guests with a unique local experience. 

Dear Andreas Graeber-Stuch & Team, thank you for your continuous trust!

Your HotelPartner Team 

Kameha Grand Bonn
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