HotelPartner focuses on expansion: France, Italy, Benelux, Ireland, and the United Kingdom in the spotlight

The revenue management service provider is expanding its presence in Europe to provide on-site support for hotels in additional countries.

The Swiss pioneers in revenue and sales management in the hotel industry are extending their presence in Europe with the introduction of their TET-Synergy. This innovative solution not only promises hoteliers increased profitability and higher gains but also provides an effective response to industry challenges, including a growing shortage of skilled personnel that affects neighboring countries as well.

Robert Holland, Managing Director of HotelPartner Revenue Management UK & Ireland, emphasises, “Revenue management is a complex field that requires a unique set of skills. With our TET-Synergy, we offer a comprehensive solution that combines qualified teams, proven expertise, and leading technology. HotelPartner enables approximately 500 partners in Europe to significantly increase profits, optimise operations, achieve long-term success, and effectively combat the shortage of skilled personnel.”

Robert Holland also highlights trends such as the rising demand for personalised guest experiences, the importance of sustainable practices, and changes in booking behavior since the pandemic. This requires the hotel industry to have a strong partner to position businesses well for the future. HotelPartner Revenue Management develops country-specific strategies for each hotel to guarantee the best possible success for hoteliers and respond to their individual needs accordingly.

Marcel Schlotterbeck, Director of HotelPartner Revenue Management, adds, “One of HotelPartner’s secrets to success is undoubtedly the ability to continually evolve, try new things, and, above all, actively promote our teams. This allows us to support individual hotels even more intensively and optimise results through regular monitoring. Our recently established ‘4+2 eye principle’ further enhances the performance of the hotel operation and ensures continuity through our contacts. This enables all of us to improve, promotes exchange, contributes to enhancement, and provides a solid foundation for sustainable growth.”

By optimising hundreds of hotels with the help of HotelPartner Revenue Management in various destinations, reliable knowledge and seamless know-how transfer are ensured to gain a competitive advantage through continuous optimisation of efficiency and strategy, along with the use of leading technology that provides a crucial market advantage.

The HotelPartner Performance Platform, a sophisticated revenue management system with an integrated channel manager, is complemented by various other tools such as business intelligence, rate shopping, data reporting, front and back office tools, and a web booking engine, all of which can be customised to your individual needs. In the successful collaboration with already over 500 partners throughout Europe, HotelPartner Revenue Management has gained unique knowledge about different markets and booking trends, making the Swiss company see this as the ideal condition to continue expanding.

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