The HotelPartner Recap: This was our 2022

When the new year begins, it is always a good time to reflect on what has been and what the future holds. We have also used the first days of 2023 to give you an insight into our highlights from the past year. At the same time, we are constantly evolving and the new year will bring some new developments, so stay tuned!

A Milestone in 2022: Relaunch of the HotelPartner Performance Platform

Stefan Ischia, hotelier at ‘Hotel Das Innsbruck’ discussing the HotelPartner Performance Platform.

Since mid-2022, our HotelPartner Performance Platform has been shining in new glory: In close collaboration with our partners, we have completely revamped the entire look and feel. On our new dashboard, the most important and user-customized performance metrics are available at a glance. This allows our hoteliers to make data-based decisions in their daily business even faster and to delve deeper into analyses where they need it.

We are very pleased with the numerous positive feedback – the updated HotelPartner Performance Platform is very well received by our partner hotels. All background information on the relaunch as well as insights into the new system can be found here: Relaunch of the HotelPartner Revenue-Management-System.

2022 was a successful year for HotelPartner! We expanded our team by 30% and welcomed 12 new employees at our locations in Vienna, Salzburg, and Hamburg. Our portfolio also grew by 18%, with nearly 500 hotels now building on a successful partnership with HotelPartner. Additionally, we added 10 new interfaces to PMS, OTAs, and other systems to provide our partners with even more opportunities. Furthermore, we published 71 knowledge contributions, including interviews, keynotes, and blogs, to contribute to the industry’s understanding of revenue management.

A Highlight to End the Year: Our Team Christmas party.

After a long time when it was not possible due to the pandemic, the entire team finally came together for the Christmas party in December – a real highlight to end the year! The Christmas party took place in the birthplace of HotelPartner: Switzerland. At the 25hours Hotel in Zurich, we enjoyed a warm welcome with a few drinks before our founder Oliver Meyer personally shared the founding story of HotelPartner and Rainer M. Willa, Florian Augustin and Alexander Fussi gave exciting insights into the future of HotelPartner. The crowning conclusion of the evening was the shared meal in the Israeli restaurant NENI. We thank you for a fantastic evening!

Moving forward: A preview of 2023

2023 is a very special year for us at HotelPartner. We have been working on something big for a long time that is near and dear to our hearts. It has been a long journey of brainstorming, development and optimisiation that will ultimately lead up to a major milestone in company history. We are very excited to be able to  share these news with you soon!

We are very optimistic about the year ahead and we wish you a good start as well – to a successful 2023!

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