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the hotelpartner performance platform

The teams at HotelPartner use the HPP (HotelPartner Performance Platform) daily for you to achieve maximum performance. With the cloud-based HPP, you always have an overview of the key revenue and distribution optimisations.

The continuous development by our specialised developers ensures you access to the latest technologies and market advancements.

The Chester Hotel

HotelPartner’s unique approach offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution which works seamlessly with our existing systems. Our results are showing that we have significantly boosted our performance in a competitive environment in the city.

Stephen Gow General Manager “The Chester Hotel”

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Revenue Management System

Through automated rule-based pricing and granular customisation, our team of experts ensure daily that the full potential of our revenue management system is unleashed to maximise your performance based on your tailored strategy. Supported by AI and machine learning, data driven insights are on-goingly taken into account and utilised by the strategic expertise of your portfolio manager to consistantly optimise your revenue potential.

Integrated Channel Manager

Manage your inventory seamlessly across multiple booking channels through our integrated two-way channel manager and strategic expertise. Incorporated in your revenue management strategy, your distribution and inventory management will embrace full connectivity, real-time updates and automation to enhance your operational efficiency.

Quick Facts:

  • Rate Optimisation Every Four Minutes
  • Reaction Time of 16 Seconds (When Updating New Bookings)
  • 8000+ Reservations Per Day
  • Over One Billion Revenue Managed

Business Intelligence Tools

Make informed decision for your hotel by leveraging powerful analytics to gain deep insights into market trends, guest behaviour, and performance metrics.

Included BI Tools:

  • Rate Shopping
  • Market Data
  • Forecasting
  • Reservation Analytics
  • Customised Data Overview

Front- and Back-Office Tools

Enhance your operational efficiency with our front- and back-office tools and reduce employee workloads. Through a two-way interface, reservations, prices, market data are updated in real-time and seamlessly communicated throughout all connectivities, allowing for:

  • Seamless Reservation Processes
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Dynamic Offer Management
  • Automated Reporting
  • Holistic Data Overview

Web Booking Engine

Motivate your potential guests to book directly via your website with our user-friendly Web Booking Engine (WBE). A simple and secure booking experience will do wonders in terms of conversion rates. The HotelPartner WBE enables you to capture more revenue where customisation with your web developer is supported my our content management team.

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