Revenue Management Strategy

your tailored Revenue Management Strategy

Achieve your financial goals and drive sustainable growth for your hotel through strategic insights that will ensure your competitive advantage. Our experts will individually tailor a revenue management strategy for your hotel that aligns perfectly with your product, target market and USPs, while incorporating strategic insight to achieve your full revenue potential.

Maximise Revenue
& Minimise Effort

Effortlessly navigate the complexities of revenue management and distribution by securing the expertise of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in formulating, implementing, and executing success-driven strategies.

I understand the intricacies involved in setting competitive prices, forecasting accurately, and capitalising on opportunities when creating a revenue management strategy for a hotel. With our specialised expertise and cutting-edge technology, we help hoteliers avoid pitfalls like overpricing, inconsistent pricing, and missed revenue potential. Together, we’ll create a tailored revenue management strategy that optimises your hotel’s performance and delivers sustainable growth.

Robin Czullay Chief Portfolio Manager

Revenue Management Strategy Expertise (Excerpt)

Data-Driven Strategies

Profit from sophisticated algorithms that analyse real-time market data to

forecast demand accurately. Allow for proactive responses based on the experience of our experts to ensure optimal pricing and inventory management for your hotel. Peaks are identified weeks in advance to properly price for unknown high demand periods.

Benefit from:

  • Future Data & Peaks
  • Proactive Reactions

Market / Competition Based Strategies

Your strategy will align with current market demand, trends, events and

guest willingness to pay. Through pricing flexibility and quick strategic responses on changing dynamics and competitor pricing, you will always have the right price set to any given situation to support your long-term sustainable growth.

Benefit from:

  • Flexibility
  • Adaptive Responses

Distribution Strategies

Secure increased profits through strategic inventory and distribution management

within your revenue management strategy. Through an on-going analysis in channel management and selection, we can effectively ensure increased visibility to target a broader guest audience and tap into multiple revenue streams for your hotel.

Benefit from:

  • Dependence
  • Rate Parity Issues


Foster stronger guest relationships and loyalty through targeted and automated

upselling campaigns within your revenue management strategy. Present enticing add-ons and packages to guests, making each stay a memorable experience and maximise on ancillary revenue opportunities.

Benefit from:

  • Enhanced Guest Experience
  • Ancillary Revenue Opportunities

LOS (Length of Stay)

Balance your booking mix through individually tailored LOS strategies are

implemented in accordance to your strategy, market and product. Plan ahead in operations to reduce costs, while maximising revenue during high demand periods and increasing occupancy during low demand periods.

Benefit from:

  • Optimised Planning
  • Higher Guest Satisfaction

Booking Strategies

Through incorporated strategic and automated channel management

strategies our experts encourage direct bookings. Maximise on your marketing efforts promoting direct booking advantages and maintain your visibility and through strategically placed shadow categories.

Benefit from:

  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Guest Loyality

Hotel des Balances

The added value of HotelPartner can be explained very quickly and easy. It generates more room nights, higher rates and thus, more sales and earnings.

Peter E. Büsser Owner

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With over 500 partners hotels across Europe, we know about the difficulties of the industry you face and therefore offer you all the resources you need from one hand in order to minimise your revenue management efforts, maximise your top line revenue and help you save you time to focus on the core of your business – your guests.

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