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Crystal balls were yesterday, artificial intelligence is today. By integrating a revenue management system, your hotel’s pricing strategies can be optimised down to the smallest detail on the booking screen. Advanced technology and HotelPartner’s revenue management experts determine the optimal room rates for your hotel on a daily basis. Linked to the OnePageBooking booking screen, dynamic rates are seamlessly published on your website in real time. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is.

Lets have a closer look at it.

With an integration to HotelPartner, we send all bookings made to HotelPartner. These are then passed on to your hotel software. Together with the telephone and email bookings you receive, this is the perfect basis for your revenue management. But that’s not all. In addition to occupancy, many other factors such as events, weather data, history, etc. play a fundamental role. Always in view: The right price at the right time.

More revenue through extras. It is not only with your rooms that you can earn money, but also with smart upselling. After all, a stay with you should be an experience. With the new extras in OnePageBooking 6, booking will be a temptation. Our top hotels sell up to four extras per booking. With OnePageBooking 6, your extras storefront is now even bigger, nicer and smarter. More room for your extras. More space for your revenue.

Create enticing packages. In the market for a little extra revenue? A weekend of golf with a coach, caddy and full board? Or a detox week for two with nutritional advice, spa and accommodation in a luxury chalet? With the packages in OnePageBooking you can put together attractive arrangements for your guests. An all-inclusive holiday for your guests. More opportunities for you to optimise your revenue.

The packages are as varied as you are. Of course, you could simply create a fixed price for your packages. But that would be a bit boring. You can also create different prices depending on the day of the week the guest arrives. You can also limit the bookability of the package to individual days of arrival. Or you can make the prices completely flexible. Of course, you can also link the price to a rate type. If the price of the rate type goes up, the price of your package goes up. If it goes down, the price of the package goes down.

Trust in the customer portal. Earning a good price is not just about individual guests. Your corporate customers can also contribute to your revenue management – if you manage them well. The main goal of any revenue management programme is to find the perfect match:The right offer, at the right time, through the right channel, at the right price, to the right guest. OnePageBooking contributes to this by presenting you with different sales channels on a silver platter. Whether you are an occasional booker, a regular guest or a corporate customer, OnePageBooking provides you with the right booking page for every occasion. Whatever the celebration, OnePageBooking will celebrate with you. With just a few clicks, hoteliers can create a booking page for weddings, conferences or events of all kinds. This will not only please your guests, but also your guests’ guests. And, of course, you as the hotelier. A customer is a multiplier that helps you increase your revenue without much effort.

Manage the internet, don’t let the internet manage you.

Well-functioning interfaces are essential. Without them, a hotelier’s life is only half as good. The link between HotelPartner and HotelNetSolutions is the first step in the right direction. Take back control of all your channels and synchronise your hotel with all the partners that are there to help you increase your revenue.

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