3 Days of Quality Time in Vienna – Our Spectacular Team Event

“Quality Time” that’s what our new team event is called, and not without reason! From 21st to the 23rd of September, the HotelPartner team met in Vienna to celebrate successes, live shared values and strengthen the feeling of togetherness. Read about the highlights of the three days and other interesting facts about the event here. 

From Team Building to Gala Evening: Our Highlights

The three days of Quality Time flew by and no wonder with such a varied programme!

Day 1: Getting Together

Gathering from across Europe, our diverse team came together for an inspiring event led by our CEO, Rainer M. Willa. The occasion began with a heartfelt welcome, as Rainer gave a recap of the previous year and offered a glimpse into the exciting prospects ahead.

Throughout the event, key members of our extended management team shared compelling insights. These presentations delved into the outcomes of our employee surveys, highlighted breakthroughs in company-wide projects, and touched on various other significant developments.

As the day concluded, our team enjoyed a leisurely evening at the renowned Viennese Heurigen, “Sissi Huber.” Here, we immersed ourselves in one of Vienna’s most cherished cultural treasures: its distinctive cuisine, providing a fitting close to an enriching first day of collaboration and learning.

Day 2: Learning, Growing and Making Memories

On Friday, we gathered at the esteemed Palais Pálffy in Vienna’s historic city center. The focus of the day was personal and team growth, centered around the DISC personality model: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

We dove into interactive team-building activities, learning about different personality types in a fun and engaging way. This helped us not only understand ourselves better but also connect with our colleagues, teams, and partners. After the workshop, we put our newfound insights into practice in our daily work and discussed how the awareness for different personalty types can help us to improve teamwork.

The day ended on a high note with a splendid gala dinner at the Palais, where we all put on our best clothes and enjoyed live classical music that perfectly complemented the elegant setting. This was followed by a lively party, adding a fantastic finishing touch to a day of learning and bonding.

Day 3: Embracing Culture

To wrap up the cultural experience over the three days, Saturday treated us to a guided tour of Vienna’s enchanting old town. It was a learning experience even for our Viennese colleagues, offering fresh insights into their own city.

These three days proved to be a triumphant fusion of team building, personal growth, and cultural immersion, all underscored by a spirit of enjoyment and unity.

From Location to Name: The Story of The HotelPartner Quality Time

The concept for the Quality Time Event was born from a simple question posed in an employee survey: What matters most to HotelPartner’s team members? The resounding response was a desire for more shared experiences. Acting on this feedback, our Chief People and Culture Manager, Daniela Schelski, and Marketing Communications Manager, Lisa Augustin, took the initiative to make it happen, giving rise to “The HotelPartner Quality Time.”

But why “Quality Time”? We sought a name that mirrored the exceptional nature of the event itself. “Staff party” seemed too ordinary for what we had in mind. We aimed for three days of genuine togetherness, separate from our usual work, so “Quality Time” felt just right.

The only lingering question was: Where should the inaugural Quality Time take place? After a memorable Christmas celebration in Zurich in 2022, Vienna emerged as the perfect setting. The heart of our festivities unfolded in the splendid Palais Pálffy, nestled near the Hofburg in Vienna’s city center—a venue steeped in history, where even Mozart once graced the pianoforte.

Vienna was just the start. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our team at this inaugural event has paved the way for a tradition. Our aim is to host the Quality Time Event annually in various European locations, further fostering our team’s unity. Alongside these company-wide gatherings, we’ll continue to organise events at country, location, and department levels, ensuring the HotelPartner spirit thrives year-round.

Lastly, we’re thrilled to announce that HotelPartner Quality Time 2024 will take place in the city that boasts our largest team presence: Hamburg!

At HotelPartner, we take pride in not only putting our values on paper, but also in actively embracing them as a united team. We’re committed to fostering a culture where our values aren’t just words, but lived, breathed, and celebrated by each and every member of our team.

The resounding success of our inaugural Quality Time event has reaffirmed the importance of genuine togetherness. It’s moments like these that inspire us, fueling our excitement for the many more incredible experiences we’ll share in the years ahead.

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